2018-2019 Entertainment Book-Perth

2018-2019 Entertainment Book-Perth


If you live in Australia, New Zealand or Bali, Indonesia, or if you are planning to visit these places in the next coming months, the 2018-2019 Entertainment Book is your ultimate companion. Not only does it serve as a guidebook to all the hot and elite shops and restaurants in these places, but the Entertainment Book also provides access to exclusive sites such as hotels, spas and more. Aside from these the Entertainment Book also boasts hundreds of perks in forms of discounts, freebies and many promotions for all shops listed in the book.

Purchase a physical copy of the book and be immediately part of their Entertainment Book Membership which comes with a Gold Card and hundreds of Vouchers and Gift Cards. To avail of these perks, you first need to log in to their site and activate your card to receive more exclusive offers and earn points. But if you are already a member of the Entertainment Book Club, you only need to renew your membership and then you’re good to go!

This Entertainment Book is also available in digital format which is downloadable as a Smartphone companion app that gives you exclusive offers and more promos. View their list of participating establishments and search for your favourite restaurant. You can even sort your query by choosing your favourite cuisine and its proximity to your location. Get directions to your preferred destination but call them first and make a booking directly from your app.

Visit their website and be part of their exclusive membership to get up to 2 for 1 offers or 50% discounts, valid at all times in more if not all restaurants and attractions featured in the book. You can even customise your membership to be part of charity organisations and partner with them in funding their programs, and in return receive reward products. Check out their website if you want to know about which establishments are included in the 2018-2019 Entertainment Book Perth-edition. 

ELIE’S TENT CAN BE FOUND ON d36 OF THE BOOK AS PART OF THE CAFÉ, AND BISTRO DINING section. 25% off voucher is only valid until june 2019.

For the digital app, we can be searched under cafe and bistro restaurants in Perth, Victoria Park or restaurants that serve Middle Eastern or Lebanese food in Perth. So, what are you waiting for? Bring your Entertainment Gold Card, your vouchers or your digital membership app and claim your discounts now! We welcome all walk-in guests but we suggest getting a reservation so that we can take your order in advance and prepare your meal properly.

For reservations, contact us on (08) 6111 4145 or visit our page for online booking.

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