3-Days in Perth Metro

3-Days in Perth Metro

3-Days in Perth Metro: Places to Visit and Foods to Eat

If you are spending just a few days in a city far from your home, it’s best to go out and see as many places as possible and eat as much as you can take in their best local restaurants. Visit local sites, eat local food, join local activities and make local friends so that you can get a taste of the region’s rich culture and their heritage even for just a short amount of time. If you are in Western Australia, Perth City is a must-visit for all. The historical and cultural background of the place is reflected in the heart of the city while the modern buildings show the progress and the development of the community.

Day 1: Elizabeth Quay

Setting foot in Perth City, visit Elizabeth Quay to get that real feeling of being in the Perth Metro. Elizabeth Quay is situated at the Swan River bank, and it has since been a monumental place where locals and tourists alike are given a view of everything that the city has to offer. From water activities such as cruises and water sports, to park events such as pop-up markets and bicycles, Elizabeth Quay is a great place to get a first impression of Perth City. 


Day 1: Perth Cultural Centre in Northbridge

Just 15mins from Elizabeth Quay, the Perth Cultural Centre is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Perth. Bordered by Roe, Beaufort, Francis and William Street in Northbridge, the Perth Cultural Centre is the home for various cultural and educational institutions in Western Australia such as the The Museum of Western Australia, the Art Gallery of Western Australia and the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts where several functions and events are hosted every month. 

Day 1: Snack at Grand Lane Fish House

For a quick food break, get your Fish & Chips at Grand Lane Fish House in 135 Barrack Street which is just a 6mins walk from the Perth Cultural Centre in Francis and William Street. Grand Lane is a Brit living in Australia that’s why you’ll get the best Fish & Chips in the local market and enjoy the afternoon, especially when you dine alfresco style. 

Day 1: Shop and Dine at Raine Square

After a satisfying meal at the Grand Lane Fish House, you now have the energy to shop till you drop! For a 7mins walk or a 5min train ride from Wellington Station to the William Station, you’ll have arrived in Raine Square, the newest retail, dining and entertainment hub Perth City has to offer. From fashion to health & being to dining, services and gifts & stationery, Raine Square has everything. To top it off, you can also catch a movie at their Palace Cinema which offers the best mainstream and blockbuster movies available in the market. 

Day 1: Stroll at Hook and Lock Lanes in Northbridge

After a hearty dinner at Raine Square, take a stroll down Hook and Lock Lanes in Northbridge a quirky place for boutique hotels, urban artworks, bars, cafes and pop-up markets as well as live music. Procure local goods and hand-made crafts by young entrepreneurs, get a tarot reading or even a new tattoo! Just enjoy Hook and Lock Lanes for what it is.

Day 1: Rooftop Movies in Northbridge or Moonlight Cinema in West Perth

To end the night, why not catch a movie in a Rooftop, a converted car park six floors up above the hustle and bustle of Northbridge. With views of the Metro, you can grab a drink and lounge in the beanbags as you watch classic, blockbuster and new films. And if you happen to be in Perth from December to April, you can also visit King’s Park’s Moonlight Cinema located in West Perth.

Day 2: Breakfast in City Centre

Most accommodations offer breakfast as part of your reservation. But if you want to start your Perth adventure during breakfast, try Uncle Joe’s Mess in King Street or Tuck Shop Café in Newcastle Street. Uncle Joe’s is not your typical breakfast place because it’s also a barbershop where you can get your morning shave or have a quick trim as you sip one of their lattes from their café.

Day 2: Visit Perth’s Chinatown in Northbridge

Visiting the Chinatown in every country is always a must because it is here that you can see how the community developed an identity that’s influenced by their motherland and the country where they are. Chinese architecture fills the local houses and commercial establishments such as bubble tea shops and authentic Chinese restaurants. You can also shop for local Chinese products in the various speciality shops owned by local Chinese residents. 

Day 2: Wine Tour at Swan Valley

Deviate a little from Perth City and try the Wine Tour in the Swan Valley region! The Swan River flows through Perth, and the first colonies in Western Australia settled in the river banks. As a wine-growing region, the Swan River offers passage to countless wineries and vineyards where you can enjoy seeing where the fruits grow and learning about how they are harvested and bottled. Most tours often provide free drinks, so be sure to come on a full stomach to enjoy everything!

Day 2: Dinner and Drinks at Elie’s Tent Lebanese Restaurant 

After your Swan Valley Tour, get off at Victoria Park and visit the Elie’s Tent Lebanese Restaurant at 610 Albany Highway for dinner and drinks. One of the best halal places in Victoria Park, Elie’s Tent is an authentic Lebanese restaurant famous for their Harem Nights filled with belly dancing performances and a Lebanese feast consisting of staples like Falafel and Shawarma as well as vegan and vegetarian dishes like Tabbouleh and Hummus. For table reservations or if you want to book the place for your private event, get in touch with us on (08) 6111 4145 or visit our reservations page.

* If you are exclusively visiting Victoria Park, check out our blog on things to do and places to visit in Victoria Park, Perth.

Day 3: St George’s Cathedral or Wesley Church in Perth

On your last day of Perth, do not forget to visit some of the Cathedrals in Perth. The St George’s Cathedral in St Georges Terrace boasts not only religious but historical and architectural significance as well. Standing in its English Gothic Revival structural build, St George’s Cathedral is located in the centre of the city and is only 8 mins away from your next destination, Kings Park. 

Day 3: Brunch at Kings Park and Botanic Garden in West Perth

The Kings Park and Botanic Garden is one, if not the main attraction in Perth. This 400 hectares of land features several botanical gardens and various trails where you can enjoy untouched nature, especially the native plants and the seasonal wildflowers that grow in the gardens. The park also offers many cultural and recreational activities for kids and adults to enjoy. And what better way to finish your Perth City adventure than with brunch at Kings Park as you enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the Swan River.