5 Favourite Snacks for Your Next Party

5 Favourite Snacks for Your Next Party

You can’t go wrong with these favourite snacks for your next office party or family get-together.

Are you hosting a party or will you be attending a pot-luck dinner? Well, you can’t go wrong with these five tasty snacks!

At Elie’s Tent Lebanese Restaurant, we have various snacks perfect for a cocktail party or even for a formal sit down party. As one of the Vic Park restaurants that’s family-friendly, we have options for everyone as we serve halal food in Perth, but we are also one of Perth vegan restaurants that’s vegetarian-friendly as well. Our variety of Lebanese food can surely satisfy you from appetiser to dessert, but our snacks are also a feature on their own!



Hummus is a spread made from mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, fresh extra virgin olive oil, herbs, lemon juice and salt and pepper; and it’s also one of the most famous Lebanese or Middle-Eastern snacks along with Shawarma. At Elie’s Tent, we have the Hummus Bi-Laham topped with seasoned ground lamb for meat lovers, and the Hummus Bi-Tahini for vegans and vegetarians made with chickpeas blended with tahini sauce and herbs & spices.




Usually made from chickpeas rolled together with garlic, parsley, cumin and other herbs and spices, this deep-friend dish can serve as an appetiser or be eaten as a main dish along with Lebanese bread or a wrap. At Elie’s Tent, our Falafel is made from a unique combination of beans, fresh onion, garlic, parsley and special secret spices, deep fried to get the perfect texture. To complete the whole dining experience, we often pair Falafel with Hummus and Salad along with the perfect blend of Tea.



Shawarma Laham (Lamb) and Shawarma Dajaj (Chicken) are tenderloin dishes marinated in a special sauce, grilled on the spit and then garnished with herbs, spices and a side of vegetables. At Elie’s Tent, Shawarma Laham is one of our Chef’s Recommendations, and people keep coming back for more. We use halal meat and the tasty juice from the marinade and add in fresh vegetables topped with our special sauce to make this ultimate snack.



bbq vegeatables and salad

At Elie’s Tent, we have a Barbeque Platter which you can share or enjoy by yourself! It includes Shish Tawook (marinated charcoal-grilled skinless chicken cubes), Shish Kebab (marinated charcoal-grilled meat cubes), Kafta (marinated charcoal-grilled ground lamb), Falafel, Hummus, Moutabbal (smoked eggplant with tahini sauce), and Tabbouleh (crushed wheat salad in olive oil dressing).




Assorted Baclawa lebanese food in perth western australiaBaclawa is made out of thin slices of filo or dough, put together with sweet honey or sugar topped with nuts and other sweeteners. It is best eaten together with a hot drink to complement the sweet and savoury taste of the pastry. Popular flavours include cinnamon, chocolate, matcha or green tea, red bean and more. At Elie’s Tent, we also have a special offer where you can get a free coffee and a baclawa when you purchase a meal valued $24 and above.


At Elie’s Tent, we do private catering as well as group reservations. We offer high-quality catering services featuring the above snacks as well as more Lebanese delicacies with a variety of dishes. We serve halal food in Perth, but we are also a vegan-friendly and vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Victoria Park. Elie’s Tent is open to catering your event on your chosen venue, but you can also have your event at our restaurant but be sure to reserve beforehand.

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