Authentic Lebanese Restaurant

Authentic Lebanese Restaurant


These days, it’s hard to find an authentic restaurant that serves classic comfort foods because of the big wave of culinary fusion which usually mixes 2 or more entirely different components into a traditional dish or making a new cuisine after mixing or using various elements from two or more classic dishes. In Australia, fusion cuisine had long flourished from immigrants who brought their cuisines and developed a new food culture when they moved to the country and acclimated with the various cultures present in their areas. On the other hand, authentic restaurants that serve classic cuisines have also gained favour in the culinary scene for their homemade food and authentic experience.

Since more and more restaurants tend to focus on fusion cuisines, authentic restaurants in their local communities are now a gem. In an area like Perth Metropolitan where more and more restaurants pop up every day, one of the authentic restaurants that you can’t miss is Elie’s Tent, one of the best authentic Lebanese in Perth. At Elie’s Tent, you can get the full Lebanese experience from hospitality and culture to cuisine and entertainment. Not only do we serve their fellow Lebanese people, but we also cater to different nationalities in all age groups who want an authentic experience of Lebanese culture through food and entertainment.

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Listed as one of Perth’s Best Middle Eastern Restaurants by Urban List as well as one of the top 10 Lebanese restaurants in Perth for Trip Advisor and Zomato, Elie’s Tent is heralded for our delicious food along with the entertainment we provide. Elie’s Tent is an authentic Lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park, Perth, named after Elie Jabbour, owner and head of the family. We serve homemade authentic Lebanese cuisines prepared by Mona Jabbour, mother to the Jabbour family and Head Chef of Elie’s Tent. Our family and friends also help out in the restaurant to make sure that we provide the best service and create a memorable experience for each of our guests.

lebanese cultureLocated at 610 Albany Highway in Victoria Park, Perth, our restaurant is one of the places that you definitely must visit not only because of the authentic Lebanese food that we serve but also because of the ambience of the restaurant which is a recreation of a traditional Harem room where people gather to spend the time. At Elie’s Tent, we have various elements that reflect the Lebanese culture including some instruments like the Oud and the Buzuq, along with a favourite pastime of everyone which is the Shisha or the Water Pipe. Rugs, mats, cushions and glassware adorn the place, particularly on our special area called the Harem Square where we have tables and seats lined together in a way that people can interact with other another and have a good time while they enjoy our delicious food.

The traditional way of enjoying Lebanese food is to select a range of dishes and share amongst your group, and that’s why at Elie’s Tent, we have the Harem seats as well as the Mezza where groups can get together and share the meal. As a family-friendly restaurant, we make sure to cater to all appetites that’s why we serve halal food, but we also have vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free dishes for all to enjoy.

From starter to dessert, Elie’s Tent serves favourite Lebanese food like our famous Hummus as well as those that you’ll only get when you visit a Lebanese home. We have Dips such as Moutabbal and Avocado each served with their Lebanese bread; and Salads like Tabbouleh, and Fattoush as our appetisers. For the main course, we have our Mazat Bi-Laham and Mazat Vegetarian best ordered as Banquet Specials as well as Seafood dishes for all to enjoy. Our assorted Baclawa and other sweets also complement the assortment of beverages that we have, including our very our Lebanese coffee.

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Every couple of months, we present the Harem Night, where our customers can enjoy a night of belly dancing performances as we serve them with our authentic Lebanese cuisines. The dancers enthral the diners with their enchanting performances coupled with musical instruments and stage props. Kids enjoy the performances especially when the dancers teach them belly dancing and adults when they form groups and dance together.

At Elie’s Tent, we make sure that our customers will leave our restaurant with a satisfied stomach and a happy soul. We are thankful to all of our lovely customers, especially those who share their love of Elie’s Tent. Seeing a smile on their faces as they take a bite warms our hearts and knowing that they’ve enjoyed their experience at our restaurant gives us absolute joy and satisfaction.

Have an authentic Lebanese experience at Elie’s Tent! We are located at 610 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia 6100. We serve halal food in Perth, but we are also a vegan-friendly and vegetarian-friendly restaurant in Victoria Park. We are also open to catering your event on your chosen venue, but you can also have your event at our restaurant but be sure to reserve beforehand.