Discover the world of Middle Eastern cuisine and taste the Lebanese experience. Dine now at Elie’s Tent!

Elie’s Tent offers high quality catering, tailored to your event and requirements.

Whatever your function, let us take the hassle out of feeding your guests. Elie’s Tent is open to catering your event on your chosen venue. You can also have your event at our restaurant but be sure to reserve beforehand.

Take a look at the Menu page to see the types of dishes we serve, then get in touch to discuss your needs. We can also offer vegetarian and vegan-friendly dishes to your option. From the mezza or appetiser to the main dishes and desserts, Elie’s Tent will provide a satisfying meal for all your guests.

Contact us on (08) 6111 4145, at or via our contact page to get more details.

Based on your budget, the venue facilities, and the number of people for which you require catering, we can customise our dishes and our catering services.

Our catering service also includes delivery and waiting tables if required.