Don’t just dive into 2019, have a DIP first!

Don’t just dive into 2019, have a DIP first!

Start the year by dipping into various appetisers at Elie’s Tent!

As you start your day doing something to fulfil your new year’s resolutions, make your way to Elie’s Tent and have something to whet your appetite as you journey through 2019. As you kick off the New Year, open yourself to a hearty lifestyle by eating healthier without limiting yourself to uninspiring diet food. Explore the flavours the world has to offer and try something new to be inspired to work towards your goals this 2019.

As a vegetarian and vegan-friendly family restaurant in Victoria Park, Perth, Elie’s Tent offers various dishes that can cure the monotony of eating healthy while still satisfying your craving for tasteful flavours. Before going straight to the main dishes, start with our assortment of dips, good for vegans and vegetarians as well as well as for those who want some extra toppings.


Made from mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, fresh extra virgin olive oil, herbs, lemon juice and salt and pepper, Hummus is a staple Lebanese food. It can be served as a snack or a finger-food when matched with Lebanese bread, or as a spread to main dishes like Falafel and Shawarma among others. At Elie’s Tent, we have the Hummus Bi-Laham topped with seasoned ground lamb for meat lovers, and the Hummus Bi-Tahini made with chickpeas blended with tahini sauce and herbs & spices, for vegans and vegetarians.


Moutabbal is a dish made from smoked eggplant blended with tahini sauce, herbs and spices. People often mistake this dish as Hummus because of the almost-similar look that it shares with the world-famous dip. But the difference between Hummus and Moutabbal not only lies with the key ingredients used in each dip—with chickpeas or tahini for Hummus and eggplant for Moutabbal—but with the consistency of each dish as well. Moutabbal has a not-so-smooth consistency as Hummus, because of the seeds in the eggplant that provide texture to the dip.


dip made from avocadoMade from peeled and seeded avocado, we blend this fruit with yoghurt and add in various herbs and spices for that extra taste. Best enjoyed with Lebanese bread, our Avocado Dip is a favourite of vegetarians—but vegans can also ask for the dip without the yoghurt. It is best enjoyed as an appetiser but it can also be added as a dip to main dishes that are fried and without sauce.


Don’t just dive into 2019! Have a Special Banquet to celebrate the New Year! Checkout our Menu and experience the joy of rich-tasting Lebanese dishes at Elie’s Tent. We are located at 610 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia 6100. We are open for private bookings with catering as well as table reservations. Just get in touch with us on (08) 6111 4145 or visit our reservations page for more details.

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