Elie’s Tent 2020 Party

Elie’s Tent 2020 Party

Welcome the New Year at Elie’s Tent!

This 31st of December, Elie’s Tent is having a special party to welcome the New Year! For only $45pp, you’ll get to enjoy a Lebanese feast complete with coffee and dessert. We shall also entertain you with belly dancing performances and live music from Ahmad Omar.

Our Lebanese mezza set menu usually comprise of halal dishes with vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options. We’ll serve dishes like Hummus or a spread made from mashed chickpeas and other beans mixed with tahini, olive oil, herbs, lemon juice and salt and paper; Moutabbal or a dish made from smoked eggplant blended with tahini sauce, herbs and spices; and Falafel or a deep-fried dish made from chickpeas rolled together with garlic, parsley, cumin and other herbs and spices.

We also have Shish Tawook and Shish Kebab or a dish composed of two skewers of marinated skinless chicken cubes or lamb cubes, charcoal-grilled, and Shawarma Laham and Shawarma Dajaj or lamb tenderloin or chicken tenderloin dishes marinated with special sauce, grilled on the spit and is then garnished with herbs, spices and a side of vegetables, as some of the main dishes.

For dessert, we also have assorted Baclawa or made of think slices of filo or dough stuck together with syrup, honey or sugar. We also have Lebanese Coffee and different hot and cold drinks for your enjoyment. As a BYO restaurant, we also allow drinks for a certain corkage.

For special requests, please call beforehand so that we can prepare your dish properly.

For reservations or enquiries, contact us on (08) 6111 4145 or visit our reservations page and inform us that you’ll be dressing up and bringing your family and friends to welcome the New Year at the Tent.