Elie’s Tent is a Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Family Restaurant

Elie’s Tent is a Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Family Restaurant

Elie’s Tent is a Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Family Restaurant!

Vegetarians and Vegans are not just food preferences but they are a way of life. Most often, people who go vegetarian or vegan are those who want a change of lifestyle. They do this because of their concern for the environment and due to the unethicalness of killing animals. Some also do this to be happier for eating healthy brings more energy and more joy to a person’s life.

A part of this change of lifestyle means also being more mindful of their eco-footprint and their contribution to saving the environment.  Since the raising of animals and their consumption poses a heavy burden on the environment, vegetarians and vegans opt to refrain from consuming them. By not eating animal meat (for vegetarians and vegans) and anything that comes from animals such as milk (for vegans) they lessen their carbon footprint on the environment since this decreases the demand for raising more animals for the purpose of consumption.

At Elie’s Tent, we serve vegetarian and vegan dishes to those who abide by this lifestyle and for those who want a healthier, clean and fresh taste.

From the appetiser to the main dish, we serve a variety of dishes for this kind of palette.

For vegetarians, we serve Hummus, Moutabbal and Avocado for Dips, with Yoghurt Cucumber Salad (Khyar Bi-Laban), Tabbouleh, Lebanese Garden Salad and Fattoush for the greens (Salads Perth).

Hummus, Moutabbal, Avocado
Hummus, Moutabbal, Avocado

For vegans, we have the Hummus and Moutabbal for the Dips and Tabbouleh and the Lebanese Garden Salad for the greens.

And for the main dish, we have a whole section dedicated to Vegetarian dishes. Check out Mazat Vegetarian on the menu page. Everything in this section is also vegan-friendly, except Shankleesh, a dish made from yoghurt cheese, diced onion, hot chilli and extra virgin olive oil.

And if you are in the mood for something to warm your stomach, we offer our special Vegetarian Stew. This dish is made from fresh vegetables cooked with herbs and spices, served with moujaddara (rice and lentils).

If you are up for a feast, we have a Banquet Special for all vegetarians. We require a minimum of 2 persons for this feast includes Hummus (dip), Moutabbal (dip), Tabbouleh (salad), Falafel (fritters), Loubieh Bizzait (beans), Fatayir (pastry), Warak Inab Bizzait (grape leaves), Shankleesh (cheese), Marinated Fetta Cheese, Coriander Potato and Vegetarian Stew.

Falafel, Loubieh Bizzait, Fayatir, Shankleesh
Falafel, Loubieh Bizzait, Fayatir, Shankleesh

Checkout our Menu page to see the complete list of ingredients for these dishes.

We hope to see you at Elie’s Tent, the best Lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park, WA.

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Elie’s Tent is located at 610 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia.

We are open from 11 am to 9 pm from Mondays to Thursdays, 11 am to 11 pm from Fridays to Saturdays, and from 5:30 pm to 9 pm on Sundays.

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