enjoy belly dancing performances while you delight in the tastes of authentic Lebanese CUISINES at harem night at the tent!

Welcome to Harem Night at the Tent!

It’ll be an evening full of entertainment with complimentary special Baclawa, soft drinks, tea, or coffee.

For these special nights, we also allow alcoholic drinks, but we implement the bring your own bottle/beer (BYOB) rule and charge $5 corkage per bottle.

Harem comes from Haram, an Arabic word which means “something forbidden or kept safe”. Unknown to most, the Harem is an area in the house where women and children dwell. They are allowed to take off their veils and take a rest from their responsibilities as wife or children. They are trained to dance, play instruments, recite poetry and “master the erotic arts” in this space.

In the Middle East, belly dancing is considered not only as a performance piece but also as art. In Lebanon, this type of dance is performed with Turkish and Egyptian influence. Rather than a single performance, belly dancing in Lebanon also includes performers teaching the audience and inviting them to come up on stage and perform together. In celebrations, belly dancers also encourage the audience to hold hands, form a circle and dance together as a community.

Harem Night at Elie’s Tent is the perfect night out for individual groups, corporate functions, parties of all types, or just for something different. Dine with us and enjoy these lovely nights. Experience the Lebanese culture through traditional music and belly dancing performances. Bring your whole family and experience a night in Lebanon! Our fun and lively family-friendly entertainment might even get you dancing around the tables!

Get in touch to find out when our next Harem Night is on – occurring monthly or on request for your special event.