Location is key!

Location is key when choosing somewhere to meet.

I’ve got friends and family both north and south of the river, so Victoria Park is usually a good middle ground for us. Elie’s Tent is situated perfectly along the main strip opposite the Vic Park Hotel.

Stepping inside this quaint restaurant was like taking a trip to another place. Beautiful drapery work line the ceilings, an assortment of Lebanese trinkets filled the room.

We were greeted by friendly waitstaff who quickly had us seated and feeling comfortable. I was actually shocked at how above and beyond they went for us, service like this is not the norm these days in Perth, I find.

The seating arrangement options at Elie’s Tent varied. There were areas of regular tables and seats and areas of lower tables and cushions. As we were a bigger group, we spanned across a couple of tables and onto the elevated seating. I found myself on the floor surrounded by cushions comfortable as ever (which at first I had not come to anticipate).

Table service was prompt.

First, we were served a selection of eggplant dip and hummus with flat bread. The hummus was incredibly smooth, and I had to keep reminding myself that it was there to share not to just wolf down myself. These thoughts weren’t quite necessary however as there was an abundance of food. Servings of falafel and Lebanese pastries came to follow. I was particularly impressed by the range of vegetarian options the staff had arranged for us, as a vegetarian, I find myself too often ordering from the sides menu and having chips for dinner. The vegetable pastries were delicious and packed full of spicy flavour, the light, wafer-like pastry itself balanced the filling well. Tabouli and some marinated rice dishes were served at this stage. The tabouli was so fresh and zesty, making a great accompaniment to the heavier rice dishes.

Elie’s Tent provided my friends and me with an excellent night. The middle eastern charm of this hidden treasure will surely bring me back in the near future.


Jessica Jade 




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