Our Favourite Holiday Dishes

Our Favourite Holiday Dishes

Christmas is almost here and the New Year is just around the corner! What kind of dishes are you serving? At Elie’s Tent, we’ll be serving our guests with our finest Lebanese Holiday cuisines.

Christmas in Lebanon comes with months of preparation. Every meal to be served on Christmas Eve is well-thought of especially when families all get together on this very special occasion. Just like in Lebanon, Christmas at Elie’s Tent is filled with delicious Lebanese food as well as entertainment through live performances. This Holiday season, Elie’s Tent encourages you to try our best-selling dishes and bring them home to your family for Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations. Our food is also perfect as snacks or main dishes for pot-luck dinners during your office parties or your get-togethers.

You won’t find any Lebanese table without Hummus and Lebanese Bread as an appetiser or Hummus Bi-Laham as a main dish. Made from mashed chickpeas mixed with tahini, fresh extra virgin olive oil, herbs, lemon juice and salt and pepper, Hummus is a staple that won’t be forgotten on Holiday celebrations. It can be served as a snack or a finger-food when matched with pita bread, but Hummus can also be added as a spread to main dishes like Falafel, Shawarma among others. At Elie’s Tent, we have the Hummus Bi-Laham topped with seasoned ground lamb for meat lovers, and the Hummus Bi-Tahini made with chickpeas blended with tahini sauce and herbs & spices, for vegans and vegetarians .

Another staple in Lebanese cuisine is Tabbouleh, a vegetable salad perfect for vegans and vegetarians. At Elie’s Tent, Tabbouleh is made from parsley with burghul or crushed wheat, freshly diced tomato and onion, with herbs and spices tossed in fresh lemon juice and fresh extra virgin olive oil. The dish can serve as a starter or it can also be part of a platter that includes both meat and vegetables for a balanced diet. At Elie’s Tent, we also offer Tabbouleh as part of our special Lebanese Banquet that includes 13 authentic Lebanese foods, good for a minimum of 2 persons.

For the main dish, nothing can go wrong with Shawarma! Whether it’s Shawarma Laham (Lamb) or Shawarma Dajaj (Chicken), this staple dish is loved by everyone all over the world. At Elie’s Tent, Shawarma Laham is one of our Chef’s Recommendations, and people keep coming back for more. We use halal meat and the tasty juice from the marinade and add in fresh vegetables topped with our special sauce to make this special dish. Shawarma Laham (Lamb) and Shawarma Dajaj (Chicken) are tenderloin dishes marinated in a special sauce, grilled on the spit and then garnished with herbs, spices and a side of vegetables.

To complete the experience, treat your palate to something sweet like Baclawa for dessert.  Baclawa is made out of thin slices of filo or dough, put together with sweet honey or sugar topped with nuts and other sweeteners. It is best eaten together with a hot drink to complement the sweet and savoury taste of the pastry. Popular flavours include cinnamon, chocolate, matcha or green tea, red bean and more. At Elie’s Tent, we also have a special offer where you can get a free coffee and a baclawa when you purchase a meal valued $24 and above.

At Elie’s Tent, we serve all these must-eat Middle-Eastern Lebanese dishes as well as desserts and drinks like coffee and tea. We treat holidays extra special by having banquets and live performances for everyone’s enjoyment. We serve authentic Lebanese cuisines that cater to all appetites including vegan and vegetarian customers or for anyone who wants a clean and healthy meal.

Elie’s Tent is located at 610 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Perth, Western Australia 6100. We are open for private bookings with catering as well as table reservations. Just get in touch with us on (08) 6111 4145 or visit our reservations page for more details..

We are wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday!


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