Things to Do and Places to Visit in Victoria Park

Things to Do and Places to Visit in Victoria Park

Don’t miss the chance to experience a one-of-a-kind Lebanese dining scene at Elie’s Tent, Victoria Park after visiting optus stadium or before heading on to burswood park.

Have you recently visited Victoria Park? If so, have you seen the massive Stadium in Victoria Park Drive, Burswood? Completed in late 2017 and opened to the public in January 2018 after constructions started in December 2013, the Optus Stadium or the Perth Stadium is the third largest multi-purpose stadium in Australia. With over 60,000 seats, this venue hosts weekly games, concerts, gatherings, and the like, making it one of the hottest destinations in Perth.

optus stadium at night

Optus Stadium is bringing both locals and tourists alike to experience a world-class performance in this world-class stadium. Housed in Burswood, Belmont, Victoria Park, the Optus Stadium overlooks the Swan River as well as Perth’s Central Business District. There is an available Optus Stadium Tour, but the really exciting thing is to venture outside and explore places like Victoria Park, Burswood, Queens Park, and more. You can also cruise along the Swan River, go on Wine Tours and see various sites

If you are planning to visit Victoria Park to watch a show in Optus Stadium or if you are just simply in town to enjoy Perth, here are some sites that you need to visit in Victoria Park, because of their historical and cultural influences, as well as their entertainment and culinary scenes.

playground in parkBurswood Park

Burswood Park is one popular destination in Victoria Park especially for families staying in Crown Casino Perth, another prominent place in the area. Sitting just at the outskirts of Crown Casino, Burswood Park sits beside Kagoshima Park, across G.O. Edwards Park, and down the road to McCallum Park, and with views of the Optus Stadium.  Located in the centre of Victoria Park, Burswood Park is open to everyone during all days of the year. Children can enjoy the large playground that has 3 separate features for toddlers, preschool and primary school kids. There’s a Cycling trail and a Heritage trail for all to enjoy as you watch boats pass by.

Vic Park Farmer’s Market

various stalls in famer's marketEvery Sunday, locals and tourists flock to the Farmer’s Market in Victoria Park for some fresh produce and ready-made goods. Locals bring out their family recipes and entrepreneurs introduce their products to the people. Children get to play in inflatable castles and inflatable slides while parents enjoy shopping for delightful goods. Located at the John McMillan Park, Kent Street, East Victoria Park, the Farmer’s Market is open from 8 am to12 noon only, that’s why you need to be on time to get the best produce and catch the different local performances each week. Since the Market is owned by the Victoria Park Primary School’s P&C Committee and operated by Heart Inspired Events, all profits raised each week go to the improvement of local schools in Victoria Park.

Elie’s Tent – Authentic Lebanese Restaurant

Elie’s Tent is one of the best Vic Park restaurants that serve Halal Lebanese food and other Middle Eastern dishes in Perth. Home to the famous Harem Nights where genuine belly dancers entertain diners, Elie’s Tent is an excellent place to enjoy great food while spending time with your family and friends. Located at 610 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Elie’s Tent is an excellent destination for wherever you’re from in the city.

With only 4.3 km or 9 mins away (via Kitchener Ave and Victoria Park Dr) from Optus Stadium, the Elie’s Tent Lebanese Restaurant is a good option for those going to the Stadium and would want some Hummus or Falafel before they leave. You can also surely dine at Elie’s Tent or grab a meal To Go after or before heading on to explore nature and spend time with your family especially since Elie’s Tent it is only 4.3 km or 7 minutes away from Burswood Park if you take Berwick St and National Route 1.

Elie's Tent MazatBoth tourists and locals favour Elie’s Tent not only because of the fun entertainment but more so because of the delicious Lebanese food that the Jabbour family serves. From the classics such as Hummus, Falafel, Shawarma and the likes, to authentic Lebanese dishes such as Bastorma, Tabbouleh, Kibbe Nayeh, and many more, Elie’s Tent has options for meat-lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

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