Special Offer

Special Offer

Enjoy coffee and a Baclawa (for only $8) when you purchase a meal valued $24. Just mention that you have found this special offer online.

What is Baclawa?

Baclawa is a popular pastry that both local and foreign people can’t seem to get enough of. It is made out of thin slices of filo or dough, put together with sweet honey or sugar. It is then topped with your choice of nuts and more sweeteners.

The recipe found itself in Lebanese soil from the Assyrians and the Turks, with the Greeks coming in later with their changes in the making of the pastry. Since Lebanon is a boiling pot of different cultures, they’ve adapted this recipe and added their own local flavours but keeping in mind the traditional recipe of butter, walnut and syrup.

Baclawa is best eaten together with a hot drink to complement the sweet and savoury taste of the pastry. Flavour varies per country and region, but traditional Baclawa is made from plain dough, syrup and walnuts. Other popular flavours include cinnamon, chocolate, matcha or green tea, red bean and more. And aside from walnut, other toppings and fillings include pistachio, almonds, cashews, soy nuts and many more. Fruits such as mangos and peaches are also added in some regions. Baclawas are traditionally shaped in square cuts, but since it is made out of thin dough, Baclawas can be rolled or cut into various shapes such as triangles and diamonds.

Visit us at Elie’s Tent today and we’ll give you a free coffee and Baclawa when you order a meal worth $24.

Can’t get enough of our Baclawa? Try our assorted flavours and see which one is your favourite!

Elie’s Tent is a Lebanese restaurant in Victoria Park, serving authentic halal food in Perth.

Visit us at 610 Albany Highway for dine in or take out services.


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