The Best Reviews!

The Best Reviews!


At Elie’s Tent, we like to share our passion for food and our love of the Lebanese culture. As a family-owned business, we treat our customers like our family and make sure that they have the best experience at our restaurant. Seeing a smile on their faces as they take a bite warms our hearts and knowing that they’ve enjoyed their experience at our restaurant gives us utmost joy and satisfaction. We are also very thankful and appreciative of the warm reviews that they give; inspiring us to continue growing Elie’s Tent and to share our passion for food and our love of the Lebanese culture.

I’ve been fortunate enough to frequent the restaurant since it opened up many years ago with family and friends. Their unique authentic cuisine and generous portions are a rarity among the Perth food chains. Their staff are very friendly and go out of their way to keep you happy. On Saturdays, they have a belly dancer which definitely adds to the atmosphere. I will continue to come back here in the future. I would recommend it to anyone. – Mufa

This place is amazing. I was lucky enough to celebrate my 21st birthday here. I have physical restrictions and food restrictions due to my disability and they were incredibly accommodating. The belly dancer was awesome and incredibly kind Wonderful staff, wonderful atmosphere, delicious food! What more could you want! All of my friends and family loved it as much as I did! – Ellee 

We have eaten at this restaurant many times over the years usually celebrating birthdays. The food is wonderful, authentic homemade Lebanese food. This family business has given us great service on every visit and we have never had a problem with the quality of food or the service. The belly dancing is an added bonus of entertainment for a great night out. This is a traditional Lebanese experience if that is what you are looking for not a restaurant pretending they can cook Lebanese. – Judy


I had a wonderful experience at Elie’s Tent. Upon arrival, the owners were very welcoming and the restaurant was warm and cosy. The decor was very traditional and authentic. The menu had many options to choose from and everything sounded delicious. We chose the Maza for two and was very impressed with the huge serving sizes. Would recommend Elie’s Tent for a great, authentic Lebanese experience! – Monique

Very welcoming place, the staff were really nice, very attentive and had a nice of humour. The falafel, tabbouleh, hummus and eggplant made for a very good vegetarian dish, especially for a meat eater like me. Also enjoyed the rice with the lamb and chicken shawarma. Every grain of rice was long grain and separate, nothing over-cooked or sticky, very good. Certainly worth another visit if I’m in the area again! – Chibi 

As soon as I walked in the door the owners were super friendly and inviting. We were with a big group and the service was quick. My favourite dishes of the night was the hummus and the lamb skewer, the meat was so tender and had great flavours. The whole night I felt really looked after, the lady even made a fresh batch of the Lebanese style lemonade for us! – Ellen

falafel and shawarma plate


Beautifully prepared and delicious food. The Maitre De and Chef made us feel very welcome like part of the family. Highly recommend this restaurant; friendly and accommodating to different dietary needs Elies Tent is deserving of high praise indeed. – Martin


This restaurant is a Lebanese special. Convenient location; just on the Albany Hgy in front of Victoria Hotel Perth WA. I found a lot of dishes which is very special like kebab of different types. They also serve sweets which is excellent. If you eat dinner, you can enjoy live music and dance party. Everything is excellent the food, price, decorations, polite staff and entertainment. – Zakir


I’ve had 3 meals here now, the Maza for 2 is HUGE and so good to try all the Lebanese tastes and flavours. The BBQ Platter is just a plate for 1, so don’t order that to share! My personal favourite is actually the chicken and rice- the chicken is insanely good tasting and the mound of rice will fill a young hungry dude such as myself so ticks all the boxes. The owners are super passionate about sharing their Lebanese Culture and food through their restaurant and it really shows, take the time to have a chat 
to them. Coffee is on point too! – Gun 



Loved Elie’s Tent. Everything was great – the food, service, prices, decor and even entertainment! The belly dancer was a good entertainer and lots of fun. For food I’d recommend the Batata Coriander and Shawarma Dajaj – delicious! – Alex

They’re pretty relaxed and the staff is friendly. Their food is great too. The menu is a bit different from most other places/restaurants. There are a lot of sharing options and different combinations to choose from. So it’s great if you like sharing food and pecking at different dishes to experience the unique middle eastern flavours. They have a lounge seating area at the back that is more traditional, with floor seating and low tables for those interested in a more authentic experience. You’re allowed to BYO with a reasonable corkage. They have a few sishas on display, but unfortunately, none of them are operational. The food is not bad for what it’s worth and the ambience is good, however, if they dropped their prices a bit, they would definitely be opening their doors to a lot more customers. – Chris


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Elie’s Tent is located at 610 Albany Highway, Victoria Park, Perth. Just get in touch with us on (08) 6111 4145 or drop us a message if you want to reserve a table. We are also open for private events and catering.

Just get in touch with us to discuss the availability of the venue, the kind of food you want us to serve and if you want a special belly dancing performance for your event. We are open Mondays to Thursdays from 11 am to 9 pm, Fridays and Saturdays until 11 pm, and Sundays from 5:30 pm to 9 pm.