Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly

Last night was my first experience of eating at a Lebanese restaurant which has left me wanting to go back to try everything on the menu and to keep going back.

Upon my early arrival I was greeted by the family and owners of Elie’s Tent in a very warm and genuine way. I was seated at comfortable lounges set out for a table of roughly 12. I was early so that I could take a chance to read the menu and ask about any dishes that I didn’t know. Any questions I had were very well explained to me which made me feel less idiotic.

The menus alone were little treasures of knowledge. Each page had photos and facts set out in a way that wasn’t shadowing the actual menu but I did get lost in reading and learning more information about the origins of Lebanon. I loved this touch on the menus.

The food was amazing and I could actually taste the seasoning of limes and other seasons that made me remember reading about them on the menu. It was cooked out of the food like some restaurants tend to do with their food.

Don’t ask me what I ate as my plate was a bit of everything but I know when I go back, which items I will need to point out because they were just that good.

Elie’s Tent is vegetarian and vegan friendly.

I would recommend Elie’s Tent to everyone.

Sheree Beven

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